Unocity, LLC

Learning | Analytics | Automation 

Unocity provides consulting in the fields of machine learning, data analytics, predictive analytics, power systems, and general electrical engineering.

We rely heavily on automation to solve problems. Often organizations will have data neatly bundled together, but the bundles are scattered across different areas based on the data's usage in the organization. We customize software that bridges gaps, and because we have expertise in engineering, we can create new applications that open novel possibilities in your organization.

Additionally, we provide training. We have a long history of consulting, performing research, and teaching.  We can create a curriculum designed for any skill level between high school and doctoral. 

All of the founding members are PhDs who either graduated from or are professors at UNO.  Our employees and interns have been UNO students.  We collaborate regularly with the College of Engineering, and we sponsor students in Electrical Engineering's senior design courses.