A Sandbox for Collaboration

The Beach, declared a Research Park District by the City of New Orleans, is a thirty-acre site located on the shores of the historic Pontchartrain Beach. It is owned by the UNO Research & Technology Foundation, a 501 (c)3 created for the benefit of the University of New Orleans. The Foundation harnesses the power of a public-private partnership with the University, bringing out the best of academia, government, and entrepreneurial endeavors to maximize innovation and shared prosperity.

At The Beach, we offer public agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies a space to innovate and create through technological, cultural, and scientific interaction. Beyond the impressive physical presence of the campus—800,000 square feet of customizable office and laboratory space—we host a community that fosters a spirit of inquiry and the exchange of ideas. The entrepreneurial campus atmosphere encourages research, development, technology advancement, training, and educational opportunities, strengthening economic competitiveness and workforce development.

Through our public-private partnership, tenants at The Beach have the unique opportunity to form relationships with a well-trained, market-ready workforce and students for co-op programs, internships, part-time, or full-time employment. The University—with nationally recognized undergraduate, graduate, and research programs within the Colleges of Business Administration, Liberal Arts, Education & Human Development, Computer Sciences, Engineering, and Sciences—offers a wide range of opportunities, such as joint proposals, research projects, and other partnerships to grow your ideas from a spark to a flame to a bonfire.

Our Mission

is to leverage world-class academic resources and entrepreneurial talent to drive unparalleled research and innovation throughout the Southeast LA region

Our Vision

We envision a world where we are the resource-rich and entrepreneurial community-driven epicenter of complex social, scientific, and business breakthroughs in the Gulf region.

Awards & Recognition

Outstanding Research Park, 2003

The Beach was named the “Outstanding Research Park” in the nation by the Association of the University Research Parks in 2003

Our Values In Action

We know that our work is most impactful when it is centered on responsiveness to the needs of our University, our tenants, our funding partners, and our community.

We believe that the innovation and entrepreneurship fostered in the Foundation’s R&T Park will increase the quality of life and the number of pathways to economic vibrancy for UNO stakeholders and the broader region. 

We know that our work can only be accomplished through partnerships in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors. Similarly, we strive to imbue that same sense of collaboration and synergy in the space, programming, and services we provide to our tenants. 

We believe in building a R&T Foundation that works to support and engage with its community. Our community is filled with the dynamic energy, equitable and inclusive access to opportunity, and reciprocal communication that catalyzes productive pursuits.

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