The Advanced Technology Center, located at The Beach at UNO, will house a nexus that will allow space for companies, faculty, and students to brainstorm ideas on how to capitalize on clean energy projects for the region.

Energy has long been a big industry in Southeast Louisiana, especially in the Gulf of Mexico.

As many companies begin to transition to more green energy, traditional oil and gas production jobs in the Gulf could be at risk.

A coalition of companies in Louisiana is working to not only prevent that from happening, but also add more jobs.

“It’s interesting because I think people hear clean energy and they think it’s either or. It’s not; it’s both,” Lacy McManus, the Executive Director of Future Energy, GNO INC., said. “That’s the value proposition and that’s the unique advantage we have here in south Louisiana.”

This is a unique advantage McManus and the people at GNO INC. are working to capitalize on here in Louisiana.

The organization is spearheading multiple initiatives called the GNO Wind Alliance and H2.

The group says this initiative would bring wind and clean hydrogen energy projects to the Gulf to supplement traditional energy, and it would keep jobs.

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