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Dates & information for StartupUNO 2024 will be updated in Summer 2024.

StartupUNO is open to all UNO students and will provide entrepreneurial training and mentorship to the teams. The competition will culminate in a pitch event to real investors with the opportunity win cash from a prize purse of $10,000. Space is limited. The application is due September 7, 2023, by 11:59pm. All applicants will be interviewed during the week of September 11-15 as part of the application process. Applicants will be notified via email by September 15 of the selections. 

Dates & information for StartupUNO 2024 will be updated in Summer 2024.

  • Submissions must be entered by teams consisting of at least two members. 
  • At least one member of the team must be a registered student of UNO in the Fall 2023 semester.
  • Each team may enter only one idea or concept. 
  • Pitch competitors may participate on only one team. 
  • The pitched idea or concept must be the original work of the individual or team pitching it.  
  • Only current UNO student team members will be allowed to pitch to the panel of judges or answer questions from the judges.  
  • Seminar attendance is required. At least one participant from each team must be present at each of the two seminars to be eligible to pitch. It is highly recommended that all team members attend. Seminars will be held on September 21 and October 12 (subject to change). 
  • At least one participant from each team must attend two one-on-one meetings, by appointment, with the UNO Research and Technology Foundation team. It is highly recommended that all team members attend. 
  • The pitch event day is to be held on November 14, final details to be announced.   

Dates & information for StartupUNO 2024 will be updated in Summer 2024.

Applicant teams agree to all competition rules and to attend all necessary events. Individuals or teams must disclose any funding already received at the time of registration. Ideas or concepts may already be funded before this competition by personal or family funds, small amounts of seed capital from outside investors, or modest amounts of funding stemming from institutional or research grants.  

The University of New Orleans Research and Technology Foundation has the sole discretion to determine which teams are invited into the competition and to pitch. It may also disqualify and/or remove any individual or teams for any reason that it deems appropriate before and/or during the pitch competition for violation of competition rules.  All decisions regarding team participation in the competition and pitch event are final.   

Dates & information for StartupUNO 2024 will be updated in Summer 2024.

  • Pitch Application – Submit the following information about your idea via the online application form
    Contact information

    Team member(s) information 
    Name and/or description of product/service 
    Need/problem addressed with product/service 
    Potential competitors 
    Previous funding received 
  • Confidentiality StartupUNO Pitch Competition and its organizers are not responsible for any confidentiality issues that may occur during the course of, or as a consequence of, the competition. Pitch Competition competitors agree that organizers incur no liability from disputes arising therefrom. 
  • Reproduction StartupUNO Pitch Competition organizers may take photographs and/or video of any materials used or made available by pitching individuals or teams during the competition for public relations purposes. Any content presented by a competitor should be considered public information disclosure. Competitors should carefully consider excluding any proprietary information or materials that the competitor feels are at risk of disclosure. 
  • Prize Money The individual recipients of prize money will be responsible for the tax implications of their winnings. StartupUNO Pitch Competition prize money payments may be considered by the Internal Revenue Service as ordinary income to the individual(s) or team members receiving the prize money. 

Dates & information for StartupUNO 2024 will be updated in Summer 2024.

I don’t have an idea but interested in startups, how can I participate? 
Join us at the Kick Off event being held at UNO’s University Center on August 23 from 12:30 – 2pm to meet other students needing partners to support their existing idea and/or speak with an Innovation team member to learn how we can support you.

I don’t have a team member, can I still apply? 
The competition is only open for teams of two (2) or more members. Please reach out to us and we can help you identify a team member.  

I am from another university but would like to take part. What should I do? 
Applicant teams are to be led by a current UNO student. If you do not have a UNO student team member, you can attend the Kick Off event at the UNO University Center on August 23 from 12:30 – 2pm and meet UNO students looking to apply to the event. 

Who are the judges? 
The judges will be local and regional investors and industry members. Further details of the judging panel will be shared prior to the final pitch event. 

How is the prize money split? 
Each team must determine how the money is to be awarded. All members of the team that applied to the competition must agree on the method of award. Please make sure to be aware of the tax implications of winning a prize.

The University of New Orleans Research & Technology Foundation and the University of New Orleans reserve the right to disqualify any applicant or registrant who violates competition rules, engages in conduct unbecoming to the organizers, or behaves in any manner that is not aligned with the mission and purpose of the hosting entities.  

2022 Winners

IMG_7538 (1)

Automatic app gives basketball shot feedback using the accelerometer and gyrometer in a watch. The app can track shots using custom AI and then provide user feedback based on metrics, including shot angle, shot speed, and shot flick. Team members include Andrew Bradford, a freshman at the University of New Orleans, studying business/marketing, and Julien Bourgeois, a senior at Haynes Academy School for Advanced Studies, taking dual enrollment UNO computer science courses.