J.H. Forwarding Co., Inc. (RMG)

The Russell Marine Group is fully accredited and provides a comprehensive array of portside qualitative and quantitative assurance services to the international shipping and bulk cargo industries including Vessel and Cargo Supervision, Freight Booking / Forwarding, Analytical Testing, GMO Testing, IP Handling, Logistical Coordination, Consulting Services, Sampling Programs, Condition Surveys, Cleanliness Inspections, Draft Surveys and Representation for Grains, Feedstuffs, Rice, Fats and Vegetable Oils. RMG's Mission is to take a proactive role on our client's behalf to minimize their risk and provide efficient execution of their shipments.

We currently have 8 employees who’ve attended or graduated from UNO dating from 1977 to 2020.   We do not currently engage any UNO interns however we do need to explore this for the upcoming Spring and Summer months.